Crazy Bomberman

Crazy Bomberman | Starfall Zone

Crazy Bomberman | Starfall Zone

Bomberman type gameplay with great graphics. Balloons instead of bombs makes it more kid friendly.

INSTRUCTIONS: Arrow Keys – Move.
Spacebar – Bomb.

CATEGORY: Strategy

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Release the Spongebob

Release the Spongebob | Starfall Zone

Release the Spongebob | Starfall Zone

Gather the powers to release Spongebob. To release the Spongebob just replace the powers from the position to align three or more similar Spongebob in horizontal or vertical lines. On reaching 30 numbers, the Power Indicator on the left shows a tick mark over the respective Spongebob. Your score increases with the powers you align. Release Spongebob to move to next level.

INSTRUCTIONS: This game is played with mouse only.


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Deal or no Deal

Deal or No Deal at Starfall Zone

Deal or No Deal at Starfall Zone | PLAY NOW!

Play the flash version of the famous reality game Deal or No Deal!

A flash game based on the hit show on NBC that aired on December 2005. Great game that will get you hooked instantly. – After picking your case, select six of the remaining 25 cases to reveal, one at a time. You will get a “phone call” from “The Banker”, who makes an offer to buy the contestant’s case for a certain amount, based on the cash amounts still in play. If you accept the buyout, the game then ends, and the contents of his/her case are revealed (along with the whereabouts of the top remaining prizes). Should you refuse the offer, you then must choose five of the remaining cases to eliminate from consideration. Another deal with The Banker is made, and play continues as before. Try to get $1,000,000!

INSTRUCTIONS: Left click to choose briefcase.

CATEGORY: Strategy

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