One Piece Fight 1.5

One Piece Fight 1.5 | Starfall Zone

One Piece Fight 1.5 | Starfall Zone

Happy Spring Festival ” one piece ” formally released the ultimate 1.5! Increase the character Robin, Nami, luo. The yellow monkey, red dog, Qing Zhi, Sauron, Ivankov, ACE, empress, crocodile, bear to increase new moves, it can be said that everyone gets strong, some of them very strong. Some of the characters move, need to hit, behind the batter. Fei Lu two years later, the king of red color domineering to not hurt, not filling, but can make people dizzy. Increases the damage of all characters. Add scene, sound effects, music. 1.5 people become strong many, also should strengthen, increases the practice mode

INSTRUCTIONS: Game player a: AD keyboard control key figures in mobile, S key defense, J key attack / determined, K key to jump, sprint L bond, U bond and I bond distance, kill, O key to summon assistance Game player vs. two: keyboard keys to control movement,↓keys defense, 1 keys to attack / determined, 2 key jump, sprint 3 keys, 4 keys and 5 keys away, kill, 6 keys to summon assistance Key combinations: S+J, W+J, S+U, W+U or +1↑+1↓,,↓ +4↑+4, combination of skills, more in the game to explore more fun to get oh


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